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Total Security Solutions – Systems Integration.

Single point of control and monitoring for your premises.

Security System Integration is an important and integral part of our work for retail and commercial clients.

The process is concerned with joining different subsystems or components of each of your security features such as CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Alarms together as one large system.

This ensures that each integrated subsystem functions as required. Manpower and technology can work together with one single point of control and monitoring of your fire alarm, smoke detection, access control CCTV, intruder alarms and Total Security Systems Integrationperimeter security.

Security System Integration is also used to add substantial value to a system through new functionalities provided by connecting functions of different systems.

We offer a complete integration service, including system design, installation and ongoing support.

We are totally independent of any particular manufacturer therefore we can offer you a completely bespoke service to meet the requirements of even the most complex and challenging environments.

The benefits of systems integration.

Integrating the different elements of an organization’s physical and logical security systems offers a whole host of benefits.

It provides a more comprehensive approach to security that’s less vulnerable to incidents and better able to respond should one occur.

An example of this would be – If the access control and intruder alarm systems are linked together, the access control system can be programmed to automatically change, based on the type of alarm that sounds.

If the system determines that an intruder has entered the facility, it may lock down the computer room.

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